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Dialog Video Surveillance as a Service

Dialog Enterprise, the corporate solutions arm of Dialog Axiata PLC, Sri Lanka’s premier connectivity provider, announced the launch of Dialog Video Surveillance (DVS), a secure, end-to-end solution delivering analytics-driven video surveillance as a service for enterprises.

Powerful and easy to use, the platform enables users to remotely connect, manage, and service sites with fewer resources and features such as visualisation, storage and retrieval, analytics-based event detection, highly integrated solutions, data security with less bandwidth and other managed service offerings.

DVS provides an all-in-one solution for businesses that need to keep track of multiple CCTV feeds in geographically distributed deployments, allowing users to visualize, store and retrieve video footage from any location. Via the solution it provides, defined alarm notifications and subscription dashboards that create a simple and unified view of customer accounts, sites, devices and system health, along with patented video analytics technologies. that are compatible with both modern and legacy third-party ONVIF compliant cameras. Moreover, with analytics-based event detection and notification, the platform provides enterprises the flexibility to self-monitor sites and leverage professional monitoring services with easy and secure access to their video via any medium such as mobile application or any browsers, central station software integration.

Unique Services

This solution brings you further advanced security and video analytic features which make this solution unique from the rest of available in the market as of now.


The systems support real-time alerts & notifications to designated personnel, in the event of hardware failure or predefined analytics triggers such as intrusion detection.


Detailed audit logs and reporting brings a new level of visibility to corporate admins and senior management.


Robust fail-over and self-healing technologies aid to recover video footage from remote sites in the event of connectivity outages & disruptions.


Continuous cloud-backed video recording at remote sites eliminates the impact of storage failures, theft & unforeseen crisis situations at remote locations.


Advanced camera management, performance & health monitoring enables more effective administrative and management capabilities.


ONVIF Support
Support H.264
Support H.265
Desktop/ Web / Mobile Support
Continues Audio/Video Recording
Centralized Storage & Archiving
Motion Detection
Motion Only Recording
Scheduled Recording
Fisheye / Dewarping
Object/Camera Links
Video Bookmarking
Alerts and notifications
Audio Level Detection
Edge analytics
Mobile Surveillance

Advanced Security


Easy to setup
Projects people’s privacy
Free from onsite backups & archiving
No need to invest dedicated servers or onsite storages
Easily Scalable Solution
IP Camera plug -and - play capabilty
Investigation based digital evidence & experience
Centralized cloud storage, video cannot be destroyed or damaged

Video Analytics

Face Recognition & Detection
Queue Detection
People Counting
Accelerate Investigations
Intrusion Detection
Activity Heat Map
Automatic Number Plate Recognition
Object Detection

Video Tutorials

How to Install, Configure and Use Dialog Mobile Surveillance App


Our video surveillance solutions are designed for easy set-up and management, scalability based on your changing requirements and are accessible virtually. Dialog Video Surveillance also ensures advanced security and eliminates the need for onsite back-up and storage of footage.

We offer advanced features that make our solutions one of a kind in the local market. These include real-time alerts & notifications, remote video recording with cloud storage, fail-over and self-healing technologies to recover video footage in case of connectivity interruptions. Higher visibility and detailed analytics are provided as well as performance management tools for distributed surveillance networks.

You will be provided with analytics that aid business-related decisions and monitoring. Facial Recognition & Detection, People Count, Automatic Number Plate Recognition, Queue Detection are some analytics that are crucial to monitoring on-site traffic while Intrusion Detection, Activity Visualizers and Object Detection help monitor security and site activities.

At Dialog Enterprise data security is of paramount importance and is an integral part of our Video Surveillance solutions. Some advanced security features we offer include Privacy Masking with Blu, Protected Video Exporting, centralized cloud storage and security administration.

Contact our team of experts who will assess your requirement and provide a customized video surveillance solution and costing for the same.

Our team of security & surveillance experts will assess your requirement and help design and install the video surveillance system, integrating seamlessly into your day to day operations.